Friday, January 01, 2010

Living with Tax-Happy Libtards is a BUMMER!!!

The Blue States are Blue because their tax rates are high and they have to live among whining losers commonly known as liberals. Or as the WSJ's Alyssia Finley astutely points out:
The study suggests that quality of life heavily influences happiness. This may seem obvious, but until this study, social scientists have struggled to develop a model that supports this hypothesis. Now we know that people who say they're satisfied with their lives aren't just delusional or overly optimistic, and people who say they're unsatisfied aren't just pessimists. People have legitimate reasons to be happy or unhappy.

When the Gallup version of this came out, libtards dumber than the mean [or meaner than other libtards] commented that the people in red states are not smart enough to realize they should be unhappy. Or as hyper-libtard Joy Behar yelled in her bad English [despite an MA from Stony Brook], people buying Sarah Palin's Rogue don't know how to read. Behar is as unfunny and unintelligent as she is unattractive---a true triple whammy from a hazmat accident in a sewage facility.

But Ms. Finley has bigger fish to fry. Besides leaving less discretional spending after the taxman departs:
The study's authors note that people are least happy in states that impose high taxes but don't provide matching public benefits (e.g. good highways to relieve congestion and reduce commute times). It's in states where taxes disproportionately subsidize public employee pensions and entitlement programs, but don't much improve the general public's quality of life, that people are most unhappy.

This intuitively makes sense. If you're paying more than a third of your income in taxes, as many New Yorkers do, then you expect to realize the benefits from your hard-earned tax dollars. You expect quality schools, good roads, low crime rates, and quick commutes. You expect your local and state governments to be responsive to your needs, not to the cash flows of entrenched public employee unions and other special interests.

Many liberal state governments like those in Albany, Trenton and Sacramento are spending more and more on entitlement programs and public employee pensions, racking up more and more debt, and imposing more and more taxes to pay for it all---while ignoring their taxpayers' needs. Taxpayers, however, aren't just getting unhappy. They're getting out. United Van Lines' 2009 annual study shows that New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois are among the states with the highest outbound migration while Alabama and Tennessee are among the states with the highest inbound migration.

This doesn't bode well for high-spending, high-tax states like New York where outbound migrants' income is 13% greater than that of inbound migrants. In 2006, this differential meant a loss of $4.3 billion in taxpayer income for the state. State governments therefore have a vested interest in keeping residents happy by reducing taxes and reigning in irresponsible spending.

Taxes may not be the root of all unhappiness, but they do result in some very sad citizens.

And ones who noisily with atrocious manners impugn smarter red state citizens who don't have to live in the vicinity of boorish libtards.

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