Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Huit Clos: Pelosi Delusional or Merely Pig-Headed?

Nutcracker Not So Sweet

TPM indicates that the House Dem Leadership is losing many of its 200-plus foot soldiers who are either with Stupak in the anti-abortion cohort MOR Midwesterners and religious Dems or conversely, the Marxist froth-at-the-mouth fringe from NYC, MA, or CA. Stupak and Co. are somewhat ready to buy into the sort of end-around compromise with the Republicans which would accord with Congressional tradition on both sides of the aisle---though the Stupak-crew bolus might simply form an irreducible thirty-plus rump of Blue Dog intransigents determined to be re-elected next Fall.

The Anarcho/Marxist "Ultras" led by Weiner and Lynch could simply lie in front of the Pelosi Express daring her to alienate still another segment of the many detachable parts which comprise the Dems, who still conform to Will Rogers' famous dictum. Things could get so deracine for these ersatz-Europaisch rootless cosmopolitans that despite their allies in the blogosphere, they could become quickly gelded politically in a less-frenetic perfervid MSM zone.

All of Pelosi's pseudo-Medici conniving will not surmount the will of the people and just as LBJ crushed the Rules Committee barons to get his legislation passed, Pelosi and Reid will be road kill ten months from now if they persist in trying to bypass the manifest will of a growing majority of the American people.

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