Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Meghan McCain Gets Air & Blogosphere Time

I am still scratching my head, wondering how and why this woman all of the sudden just appeares everywhere. Has she actually accomplished anything that merits having such a voice in the media?
Meghan is another in a long line of "Repub" defectors to the Left [remember when Arianna H was ranting about Dem tomfoolery?] who are instantly accorded extraordinary publicity and vaulted to the top of Memeorandum and other Leftish sites. When the opposite occurs, the MSM is completely silent.

Meghan is, of course, a clueless ditz with looks that pass muster in a dark crowded bar after a few hits. But the Left dangles the conceit that Meghan somehow represents the INNER CHILD that her ancient father cannot expose and that she is channeling John's real political fellings.

This pattern will continue as long as American media are in complete thrall to statist elites who wish to overthrow the Contstitution using "soft tyranny" and employing useful idiots like Meghan. In other words, expect more doucherinas like Meghan in the future.

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