Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christian Science Monitor Now Reduced to Imaginative Headlines Online

The Christian Science Monitor used to be a beacon of light in the mindfog journalism of Middle East politics, but now has descended all the way to the bottom rung of the moral ladder. Headlining its article "Risking Israel's Ire..." in a piece about Palestinian refugees getting immigration visas to the US, it gets that trope from an anonymous diplomat in the area who noted that the US in the past has scaled back its quotas on Pals [possibly because of terrorism concerns, but the CSM refuses to admit terrorism exists]. Also it cites conservative opposition, but only quotes Mark Krikorian who rightfully complains that the State Dept. uses small-town USA as a dumping ground for political undesirables in Iraq... Why not grant Iraqi translators the same immigration rights that Palestinians persecuted by Shi'ites? Or what about relocating the Palestinians in Jordan, perish the thought, where so many Christian Palestinians have emigrated to the USA from?

After dissecting the cadaver-article mentioned above, James Taranto asks:
In any case, the notion that America is "risking Israel's ire" by admitting Palestinians from Iraq seems to be a figment of the imagination of whoever wrote the Monitor's headline.

Of course, imagination rather than journalism now appears the beacon guiding CSM's new non-dead-tree existence.

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