Saturday, July 11, 2009

House "Intelligence" Committee Disgraces Itself in Spat with CIA

Silvestre Reyes is walking proof that brainpower or the ability to understand complex foreign policy or cultural situations is not a qualification for the Democrats in elevating a Chair from its ranks. Of course, Jane Harman was in line to succeed Nancy Pelosi, the previous ranking member, but San Fran Nan had a long-term dislike for Jane because of JH's IQ which was way into three figures while Nan, despite her De Medici political wiliness, was more like room temperature in the IQ department. Plus Jane is better looking, and even though a fellow Californian, was passed over by the dodissima Speaker of the House for a total ESL dullard from the Texas border---Silvestre is axiomatic of the old saw of politics making strange bedfellows.

When Pelosi stupidly lied and continues to lie about being badly briefed about extreme interrogation techniques when she was ranking Dem member in '03, the moral lepers [and borderline traitors] in the Select Committee on Intelligence were instructed to continue to contend that they were midled and that the CIA intentionally did not inform them of techniques which became politically unpopular after the Abu Gharaib scandal two years later. Now with Star Chamber righteous cynicism, they are even calling for CIA DCI Panetta, a former California Congressman like Pelosi, and unlike her, a man of some moral and intellectual stature.

Panetta refuses [so far] to play their sick games, which makes US foreign policy even less regarded in any light other than misguided since the Carter years when Jimmy was busy giving away all sorts of high ground based on fuzzy shallow bromides concocted in the peanut-sized thought apparatus he was using to get the Shah [and other American allies] replaced by enemies of the USA. [With the Shah, it was James Earl's feminized State Dept, with a little old lady in tennis shoes named Pat Derian in charge of Human Rights, which denied the Shah's police rubber bullets, which in turn caused the death of over 400 students in 1978 during the events leading to the Ayatollah's usurpation of power.]

Now the US is plagued by a rogue legislative process also led by a numbnut female in the House, whose hatred of a smarter female and friendship with silly Silvestre now threatens the CIA as an effective organization. If Panetta folds his cards and is buffaloed, the US will have lost another foreign policy arm in the Dem's frenetic agenda to make America into a banana republic, using the same incompetent and cowardly methods employed by Carter thirty years ago.

Welcome back, Carter....

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