Sunday, July 19, 2009

Democrat Overreach---2010 Around the Corner

Ex-Sen. John Kerrey is an outspoken fellow and frankly predicted Obama's current situation:
Five days before Barack Obama was elected president, for example, Mr. Kerrey, a Clinton-turned-Obama supporter, warned of the following in the Daily News: "By my lights the primary threat to the success of a President Obama will come from some Democrats who, emboldened by the size of their congressional majority, may try to kill trade agreements, raise taxes in ways that will destroy jobs, repeal the Patriot Act and spend and regulate to high heaven." Has this come true, I ask? "Well, we'll find out in November 2010," he quips.

If anyone doesn't learn from history, it is the fuzzy-minded soft-tyrants on the Left who believe perpetually that a new day is dawning when the USG raises taxes and increases regulations on the average citizen---1994 is a convenient example.

Big government isn't the cure, it's the illness that prevents the cure.

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