Saturday, July 11, 2009

Noonan Nitwittery Continues, This Time on Palin

Peggy Noonan tries to make a serious case out of Sarah Palin's resignation from office, but only displays her own serious lack of caring about what a large percentage of the social conservative, religious church-going wing of the GOP base still regards as very important.

Noonan switches from condescending to downright bitchy in her reductionist analysis of Palin's shortcomings, displaying all her East Side Lace Curtain Irish snobbery about Palin's education [putting down the U. of Idaho while exalting Eureka and the U. of Delaware by comparison!] Noonan clearly has an almost personal animus, as do many other faux conservative females, about Palin's family life. The ridiculous attacks on Palin's family [even Conan O'B ridicules the MSM for their savagery] are somewhat dismissed by Noonan and Palin's legal fees not even commented on.

And while ignoring more or less the vicious MSM assaults on her personal and family issues, it is interesting that Noonan derides Palin's personal shortcomings in the foreign policy area while ignoring Biden's ridiculous statements [Hezbollah "kicked out" of Lebanon, Israel on many different sides of the question, other egregious gaffes that thirty-years of "foreign policy experience" have not been enough to avoid]. Biden is becoming the household sick joke that Noonan seems to blame Palin somehow for having become, while sick perverts like Andrew Sullivan and Perez Hilton feast on obsessively speculating about Palin's family woes. Since these two won't ever and perhaps never have experienced a real and loving family atmosphere, it is strange that Noonan sides with their attitude rather than that of a mature and compassionate onlooker [Noonan herself is a divorcee & perhaps this personal failure of her own sparks a strong dislike of Palin, who chose to have a large family AND a political career].

I believe it is time for Noonan to do an examination of conscience and then, upon reflection, unmask herself publically for the left-centrist fellow-traveler and budding apologist for Obamism and its gigantic statist dirigiste socialist project that she has morphed into, perhaps unbeknowst to herself.

UPDATE Slate Slut Lithwick is a bit winded from being a shill for People for the American Way [see above], but still has time to batter Sarah Palin for inarticulate fact-free off-the-cuff verbiage. Strange that Marxist Cadre-Candidate Lithwick doesn't see the same buffoonery in Vice President Biden, or even the Anointed One when he is away from his teleprompter. And no need to bring up Al Gore, whose hallucinatory religious beliefs on global climate and world government are evidently off Slate Slut's list of unintentional political comedy.

ANOTHER BETTER UPDATE! DOCTOR ZERO waxes positively Homeric on how condescending bitch Noonan should be shown the door at the WSJ and shuffled off to HuffPostVille, where she can vie with Arianna and Sklar for most martyred refugee from Republicanism [Remember Ms. H nee Stassinopolis was a big GWHB booster until the GOP refused to allow her the social status a diva demands, and she went off in a Huff [!] to libtard pastures, where her Oxford Masters in Economics makes her smarter than loons like Krugman and failed Broadway critic [and political wit] Frank Rich were manuring the lawns with fecal matter. Arianna's ESL is better than the two Jewish semi-gays in the previous sentence and she occasionally reflects that people like Biden & the self-referential Teleprompter Kid are not presiding over a Roman Triumph, but possibly a Last Supper...

Noonan already dwells spiritually on the Upper Left Side. Might as well move there physically.

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