Thursday, July 16, 2009

Could "We" Have Been Wrong on Anthropogenic GW?

To Which I respond: "Keemo Sabe," What do you mean "We" when you are USA Today?

Attentive lay readers of scientific literature have long ago dismissed the publicity about AGW put out by Lyin' Al Gore as politicized rubbish. The UN IRCC had to "discredit" or ignore literally millions of pieces of historical evidence that a Middle Age Warming Period kept Northern Europe cozy warm over several hundred years starting around 1000AD for almost 500 years. Wine was cultivated in England and Germany for centuries. The switch from vine-based cuisine switched to barley-based beer and sauerkraut/pretzels began when the Earth gradually cooled until a lack of sunspots during The Mulder Minimum of the 17-18th century in N. Europe caused massive political and social unrest, including long famines leading to The French Revolution and the "Road to Serfdom" which the IRCC on climate hopes to cement into government policy on a planetary basis. The frauds and room-temp IQs among Gore's army of nitwits "overlook" climate events like the Mulder Minimum when the Thames froze over annually for decades and the Dutch invented ice-skating to cavort and do business on their intricate canal systems during the long winters, these anecdotal historical facts were "overlooked" in the IRCC rush to impose a political carapace over recent 11-year solar cycles full of sunspots.

Any weather climatologist who takes part in Gore's massive UN scam gets rewarded with grants and scholarly emoluments. The goal is world climate control by the serially dysfunctional UN, guided by "politicized gurus" like the Gore-bot. Along with Cap-and-Trade, AGW puts legal authority in the hands of power-grabbing petty functionaries who were unable to work in real jobs outside the bureaucratic ladders.

Moral lepers like Waxman and Frank push the witless Nancy down the path to groupthink and the "soft tyranny" of nanny states like Canada, whose Health system is a total wreck [ask the thousands of Canucks who fled to Boca to avoid dying while waiting in a freezing queue north of the 49th parallel!

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