Monday, July 20, 2009

Obambi Quiet on Iran, Noisy on Honduras: Welcome Back, Carter?

Obama seems to have taken sides with illegality both in Iran & Honduras, reflecting his Chicago political roots. His rapid and fulsome support of Zelaya, a supporter of criminals like Ortega, who got the message when he lectured Obama on the US evil empire for an hour while Obama looked contrite and took his licks at an OAS meeting. The message: this little fawn is ready to be rolled, and his youthful adoration of Saul Alinsky and his legal support for ACORN, a rent-a-mob crime spree seeking to overturn the electoral process in chosen states, makes Obama susceptible to left-wing mob action against legal institutions.

Zelaya, of course, is no left-winger by heritage, but a narco-trafficker dad, who was a cowboy mega-rancher in the Honduran "wild west," bankrolled him after daddy amassed a fortune by kicking indigenous people off rain forest lands, dumping their bodies if they resisted in wells where they were only recently recovered, chopping down trees and raising cattle and cocoa leaf, which he flew from small airports to Medillin back when Carlos & other drug lords ruled that part of Colombia. Like father, like son.

Now this crime lord tries to overthrow the Constitution and is legally evicted, but Obama, true to his mestizo [oops, "mulatto"] and Chicago roots, sides with the half-breed and with crime in politics.

I guess that also holds true in South America, where Obambi seems cozy with Chavez and Correa and Morales, all half-breed half-wits trying to become caciques in their respective countries. Sadly, the Latin Americans hold true to their political backwardness and economic third-world status.

I can remember when they, not East Asia, were supposed to be the next group of developing nations to attain economic modernity. Silk purse, sow's ear, i guess.

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