Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blow a Whistle? Joe The Plumber and Mr. Ricci Learn the Left Smears Big on Whistleblowers

McClatchy is a news agency which up to now has served as a mellifluous choir lofting paeans of delight and praise toward Obamania and its spendthrift ways. No journalism, but lots of PR imagination at work...

But wait! Suddenly McClatchy blows the whistle on People For The American Way, which when my wife worked for it two decades ago was Norman Lear's Rolodex [remember them?] of celebritards who "wanted to make a difference." My spouse and I marveled at the "absolutely fabulous" types and actually did advance work in Chicago for an event which Norman himself, a stand-up guy very interested in my Wisconsin family get-together we were attending right before the Chicago get-together. Norman and Tony Podesta were in my car as Tony showed us his First Ward digs back when he and brother John were half-Italian, half-Greek [my wife is full Greek] kids growing up on Chicago's mean streets. I had been John's boss back in Bay Ridge two decades previous in NYC Brooklyn during the McCarthy campaign where John cut his political teeth.
[Please excuse geezer wandering...]

Flash forward to now and the PFTAW is up to its original mission, which is to prepare America for a fight against Christian Fascism [Lear's confided to me that his original motivation for starting up PFTAW was fear about the rising popularity of John Robertson],,,,

Oops! It now is trying to undermine a whistleblower named Ricci who has been involved in several lawsuits, including a couple concerning dyslexia and safety issues, making Ricci a chronic complainer. Or so Dahlia Lithwick would appear to contend in Slate after answering the PFTAW's e-mail calling for a three-alarm response to the New Haven firefighter's upcoming testimony at Sotomayor's Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. I wonder if John Podesta has any thoughts about the Democrats' sliming working-class schlub firefighters in order to promote an elitist New Haven educated [at Yale] member of one of their double elite affirmative corps [female Hispanic] to the SCOTUS?

I think Willie Loman or another character from the same playwright [The Crucible] would find much irony on how the Party of the underdog now trashes any and all working-class schlubs who stand in the way of their statist agenda. McCarthy of Wisconsin was demonized for "The Big Smear" & exceeded all rational boundaries in his quest for his goals.

I wonder if the PFTAW or cheap-date Dahlia have such qualms about appearing to be Tail-Gunner Joe's Doppelgaenger on the left?

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