Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crazy N-word Arrested After Refusing to ID Self & Shouting Racist Nonsense

The Boston Globe took this police report when the clueless BG figured out that the facts of the case merited this pompous buffoon into custody, if only for his own mental health. This Gates clown reminds us of the wisdom of William Buckley Jr. when he said that he'd rather choose 2000 names randomly from the Boston phone book as members of the US Govt than the Harvard faculty.

Of course, it didn't take long for the clueless Co-Incitor in Chief to add his tincture of racialist BS at a national news conference last night, but I'm sure Al Sharpton will do the followup work. And a note to Al Sharpton:

Henry Gates is a black racist.

And note to America:

Obama spoke "stupidly" at his news conference.

I'm sure Gates acted like a silly old Aunt Jemima on crack to boost his speakers' fees among the gullible libtard academic phalanxes across the USA.

As usual, The American Thinker deserves to have the last word. It quotes Obama and then notes Forrest Gump's famous observation:


And judging from his news conference last nite, when he didn't know the relevant parts of the House Legislation on Health Care, Obama is STUCK ON STUPID!!!

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