Friday, January 02, 2009

Washington State Proves Democrats are Becoming a RICO Enterprise

Washington Huskie football isn't as bad as the state's rotten corrupt political system, which the WSJ writes at length about to demonstrate how Minnesota, another rotten sewer as politics goes, rapidly is devolving into a Washington-state wannabe.

Democrats have more lawyers by far than Republicans, and these lawyers are predisposed to win at any cost. Plus as Illinois demonstrates, the old machine politics of the early 20th century has now for all practical purposes evolved [or devolved] into a business/political criminal enterprise. Obama may be the lotus flower, but Blagojevitch and Emanuel are the mud and goo out of which Obama flourished.

The Democrats are still whining about how they were unable to cheat the buffoon Gore into the White House in Florida in 2000. Numerous recounts and Gore's own stupidity made it clear that the nation was better off with a three-digit IQ male in the Oval Office than the Gore-bot and his lockboxes.

But if there is one resolution that 2009 should engender, it is to turn around the disturbing tendency of ultra-left Democrats to abandon completely any ethical, moral, or even legal [as happened in Washington in 2004] boundaries to achieve what these unhappy people---who have no other codes in their lives---regard as victory.

Jake Tapper of ABC gets the Soros-Move-On-bot MN SecState's knickers all twisted up in the creepy functioonary's pathetic justification of stealing a senate seat for the stupidest state among the 50 allowed so far in the USA.

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