Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seattle P-I and Red Star Tribune Approach Termination

Two States which have recently committed massive fraud overlooked by local press, Washington in getting a bi-yotch guv in 2004 after a half-dozen vote frauds to deprive the Repub candidate, allowing the RICO scheme/scam to continue in Seattle, and of course Minnesota, which followed a pro wrestler for guv with a cheating porn comedian for Senator, the latter after recounts until he overcame a lead by Repub Coleman.

The Red Star Trib will only be missed by commissars awaiting the next party line, but they can get that from the NYT after the RST ceases publication. The NYT continues to gush red ink and if the hemorrhaging continues, in a few years will be reduced to an on-line presence. The Silent Majority doesn't want or need birdcage bottom material delivered to the door any more.

Happily, the WSJ is gaining circulation.

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