Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Benicio DT Pouts, Sulks, then the Mamma's Boy Walks Out of Newspaper Interview

Benicio del Toro is a friend of dictator Chavez and walked out of a Washington Times interview because the fraud felt "uncomfortable."

Probably because this clown is as stupid and mendacious as Sean Penn and when asked some fact-checking questions about the veracity of events in the Soderberg flick, didn't know or want to address the fact that the movie is factitious bullshit, more or less, and presents Commie Propaganda as dreamy romantic revolutionary twaddle.

Che in real life was so obnoxious that Fidel exiled him to Latin America---after Che defeated him in a golf match, thus closing down all golf courses in the prison-island south of Florida, as the megalomaniac running the prison doesn't like to lose.

When high school dropouts like Del Toro [& flunk outs like Penn] make movies, you can bet they'll win awards from the collection of entitled cretins in "The Academy" and at Cannes and other film festivals.

And when idiots like Matt Damon and B Del T make movies as revolutionaries, the results are revolting!

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