Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Russia Blames US for Gas Pipeline Eff-Ups

Gerhard Schroeder must be getting extra kneepad time in front of his Empoisoner Master Vlad Putin, as the Kremlin laughingly blames US skullduggery for the Ukraine inability to wheel its gas to needy Balkan countries [Bulgaria & Romania]. In the meantime, Belarus, which has been on kneepads in front of dwarf Putin for over a decade, pays a price roughly one-third the exorbitant fees the Dwarf is trying to impose on the Ukraine. The Dwarf wishes to bitch-slap Ukrainian nationalists into submission with gas overcharges.

The FT headline has the EU "baffled" by the natural gas contretemps. Why don't we just say "muzzled" to make the situation clear. The clown named Medvedev in charge of Gazprom notes:
Gazprom had declared “force majeure” on its gas exports to Europe and warned it would unleash its “entire legal arsenal” against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Stern, who used to hum during long IAEE conferences we both attended during the late eighties [he explained to me that he is an amateur musician] and now head of Oxford Energy's gas research, summed it up with the observation that Russian & Ukrainian statements were
“all smoke and mirrors”

Perhaps a musical metaphor like "andante" would better fit this deathmarch toward a frozen destiny befitting the Dwarf Second Napoleon now guiding Moscow's policies.

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