Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Coulter "Banned for Life" at NBC nutwork in cunning marketing ploy

Wizbang notes how the nutroots are echoing NBC's clever promotion campaign for Coulter's book! NBC brilliantly canceled a long-scheduled Coulter appearance on the Today Show to show ideological solidarity with the young woman who will certainly benefit from the free publicity.

But from another perspective, it’s wonderful to see the NBC nutwork continuing its elaborate seppuku rituals as a buffoon named Zucker tries to dumb down the moronic collection of clowns on Today even further. Ann Curry will hopefully pluck at Perez Hilton's garments while he is doing Deep Thoughts to replace Coulter, demonstrating NBC's new policy of getting leftist intellectuals on the early morning gabfest, and Perez certainly fits their idea of intelligentsia heft!

Going back, this is reminiscent of NBC's cunning market move to see how hockey makes it instead of the NFL on weekend sports in the Fall/Winter slot,, though that brilliant idea was hatched back in the ’90s. Now they’ve got Leno in prime time 10PM and when that doesn’t work, Conan will destroy their Tonight Show just like the Today Show is swirling round & round in the porcelain exit chute….

Commissar Zucker is demonstrating the failure of capitalism, one corporate unit at a time!

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