Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Norwegian "Diplomat" E-Mails Comparisons of Israel & Nazi Germany

Norwegians supported Adolf's Master Plan for the Master Race, and Herr Quisling famously was Hitler's Prime Minister buddy in Oslo during the war.

In the upper Middle West, Norwegians are deemed dumber even than "dumb Swedes," and this female envoy to Riyadh [where I'm certain she feels right at home in that hive of anti-Semitic Jew hatred] demonstrates the continuing hypocrisy of the Scandanavian countries that supported Hitler's Germany during the Second World War, yet now posture and point fingers at country's that don't coddle and abet terrorists as they do.

I wonder if Olaf Palme's murderer was ever really caught? The Swedes are too stupid to really be sure. Ditto the lutefisk-eating clowns that allowed Al Franken to steal a Senate seat in MN, where these double-digit IQ types infest the northern plains.

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