Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vapid Female Columnist for WSJ Asks Readers to "Suspend Disbelief" About Obama

After Ms. Noonan spent a considerable amount of time during the recent campaign trashing Sarah Palin for being pro-life and having a child to term with Down Syndrome [what I posit are her real reasons for hating Palin], this specimen of Upper East Side hauteur gushes over Obama after supping with the PeOTUS at George Will's home in Chevy Chase.

This leads me to ask myself, what is the difference between the Republican elites and the Democratic elites besides the size of pie slices they divvy up every two years? I agree with Ms. Rodriguez that Ms. Noonan has a way with prose, but sorely lacks substance or even gravitas in her fawning over this candidate largely elected by the "drive-by media." Perhaps the most telling statistic of the '08 election was the fact that Obama garnered 40K fewer votes in Ohio than John Kerry did in '04 against GWB! [McCain simply was a RINO and most Ohio Repubs wanted a real one.]

Noonan's columns about Palin showed Peggy's nasty shallow side. Her pre-emptive sycophancy with Obama demonstrates Peggy's opportunistic shallow side!

Rush Limbaugh has a much different POV on the incoming POTUS.

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