Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jimmy the Cuckoo Clock on His Monthly Quacking Rant---Hamas' Best US Buddy

Some Questions assert themselves on reading this WaPo exhalation from this specimen of halitosis birdclock crying cuckoo...

"defensive tunnel..." and Jimmy the Gasbag knows it was Most arms and missiles reaching HAMAS arrive underground, doesn't the quarterwit anti-semitic failed peanut farmer [also failed in another job, this a DC stint] know that? But if Israel bombed the tunnel, it must be defensive, because a terrorist told him so.

And those 17 mosques? The AIS? Why doesn't James Earl Flatulent not cite the Israeli allegation that the HAMAS terrorists employ mosques, schools and private residences as launching pads for missiles and arms caches for terrorist cadres? Isn't that an acceptable alternative explanation, since it occurs so often in S. Lebanon, Iraq, and other countries where this aggressive hostile-to-the-west religion has its fanatical suicidal maniacs at large?

And last week, over 100 Iraqis, including tribal sheikhs in a conference in Kirkuk trying to iron out differences between Sunnis and Shi'ites, and mostly women & children in an open marketplace, were killed by Islamic terrorists. But not a peep or a scowl from those high-minded UN observers who scold Israel every time it kills a "defenseless" civilian in Hamas while a terrorist often uses said civilian as a human shield.

Why no cry of outrage from this terrorist-loving, anti-semitic, over-the-hill drooler?

Because this gullible geezer believes anything Hamas tells him and hates Israel, that's why...

He really believes he's still a player, when he's always being played...

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