Saturday, January 10, 2009

Polls: Minnesota Style

Really Cold Winters freeze more than the brain, but a "poll" which comes to the conclusion that "Coleman should concede" also comes to the following conclusion:
Only 38 percent of Minnesotans surveyed said they view Coleman favorably. 44 percent have an unfavorable view.
Franken scored similarly with 37 percent favorable and 45 percent unfavorable.

Don't check your eyeglasses. If the morons at the site actually could write, they might have noted that "Franken scored even lower, rather than use the word "similarly." But being Vikings fans, their thinking processes are probably a bit out of kilter!

Once again, it's just those zany folks in Minnesota, the dumbest collection of loo-zers in the USA [except maybe for the state of Washington, whose current governor stole her seat just like Franken did in the Land of 10,000 toxic waste dumps.]