Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Brave Hamas Fighters Use Human Shields in Gaza

The inbred race of cowards running Gaza are employing schools and mosques, often filled with civilians fleeing the fighting, to launch mortars and rockets.
And of course, when the Israeli military retaliates and the civilian human shields are killed, Reuters and AP note the civilian deaths, but only mention the circumstances far into the story....

Sound familiar? Hezbollah played the gullible quarter-wits in the press two years ago in Lebanon, staging photo-ops that the ignoramuses in Reuters and AP lapped up like the puppy dogs they are.

And the inflammatory press reports fuel anti-Semitic outbreaks in Denmark and France, among other neo-Nazi and Islamic terrorist havens....
UPDATE Q.E.D. France's Channel 2 Public TV [which is run by the government and reflects Elysee sentiments] has footage from a 2005 militant munitions truck explosion with dozens of dead bodies scattered which France2 claimed were from this week until FOUND OUT or expose!!!

This at the very time that crazy Muslim terrorists are attacking synagogues and French Jews in the streets. The French have a term for such behavior, and France2 is obviously acting as an agent provocateur.

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Donald Douglas said...

Well, Dave, I'm about pooped on Hamas by now. Maybe Hezbollah will really open second front and we'll get some variety. The internationl outrage against Israel of course will remain the same.