Friday, August 01, 2008

Why Democrats Lose National Elections---Reason #4

There follows a comment I made to a blog on The Moderate Voice by "Holly in Cincinnati."

I would argue that polls consistently over the last half-decade demonstrate that basic political/cultural beliefs in the USA among the electorate are roughly 35% conservative, 20% liberal, and about 45% what used to be called "mugwumps," [i.e., your mug is on one side of the fence & your "wump" is on the other, as Plunkett once put it, I believe.]

The predominantly liberal media [network, cable, print] make the 20% of Americans who subscribe to "progressive" values appear much larger a percentage than they really are. And the two Left Coasts control the narrative except in "flyover country" where talk radio rules, and tr is conservative.

The reason Repubs always exceed media expectations is twofold: the tendency for conservatives to actually turn up at the polls on election day & vote and of course, the second reason is the delusional nature of the left, which always thinks that it is stronger & better placed than it is in the last few days of the campaign, at least for POTUS. The Left is in PC denial over all sorts of things, first & foremost, its own relative unimportance compared to its bloated self-esteem.

Obama appears to be one more articulate, but shallow idealist whose intentions are certainly honorable, but whose supporters have a million axes to grind, many of them products of their own immoderate view of their own self-importance.

And why is it that almost all Dem candidates for POTUS are lawyers? Not since Gerry Ford has the Republican Party run a lawyer at the top of the ticket [unless Bob Dole went to law school].

The American people generally rate lawyers somewhere between politicians & IRS investigators, two other unpopular professions.

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