Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mickey Kaus Depants Howie Kurtz, Lays Bare Edwards' Alibis, Strips Elizabeth of Cred & Dignity

Mickey Kaus is a refugee from the left and subsequently has become a fountain of integrity---Edwards' transparent phoniness led Mickey to believe Sam Stein's original revelation about the disappeared "webisodes" & the mystery surrounding their provenance. The National Enquirer got its bloodhounds on the trail and the obese, over-staffed and liberally-biased dinosaurs of the dead tree media & its boob-tube satrapies snoozed while the NE ran with the ball. Mickey kept tabs all along, and is now keeping the snobbish watchpuppies of the MSM honest. Edwards' bumptious self-centered solipsisms are a rich quarry of stone-headed slacker silliness. The rube got sucked into a NYC clubbie over the hill & shelled out $114K after she boinked his brains out for several months---though the rube with good hair denies that completely.

Tabloids 1, MSM Dinosaurs 0.

But wait, there's more! Howie Kurtz digs a deep hole & then jumps in with the para below. Does anyone notice the slight oversight Mr. Kurtz makes in the paragraph below:
I don't think the party favoritism charge holds up. Yes, the media went hard after two Republican senators, Larry Craig (who pleaded guilty in that bathroom incident) and David Vitter (who admitted calling an escort service). But they also pounced on New York's Democratic then-governor, Eliot Spitzer (whose taste in prostitutes was revealed by the New York Times), and, famously, Bill Clinton (whose Monica Lewinsky mess was disclosed by The Post and hotly pursued by Newsweek). It helps, of course, when there is a law enforcement inquiry that journalists can cite as evidence.

Kurtz conveniently forgets that little above-the-fold expose on another Republican, Sen. John McCain in the NYT just about three months ago. Howie wouldn't be biased at all---party favoritism isn't such when it also involves lobbying with an implied love interest.

But Mickey catches Howie in another mega-whopper in the same paragraph: Note the bold-faced fact in the para above that now Kurtz gives credit to Newsweek for breaking the Lewinsky story, when in fact, it was Matt Drudge who broke the story AFTER Newsweek had SUPPRESSED its own story on Lewinsky. Drudge brought it into the open and the Post reluctantly "disclosed" the truth about the infidelity of Bill, the lying-under-oath POTUS.

Howie isn't just a coward. Howie is a lying coward.

Thank Mickey Kaus for helping to show this fraud Edwards to be a serial liar.

And thank Mickey again for demonstrating that the Washington Post is a liberal lying piece of dead-tree garbage when it comes to "facts." Read Mickey's full piece on Slate at thelink at the very top.

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