Thursday, August 07, 2008

Iran Wants a Nuke to Threaten Gulfie Sheikhdoms

Iran is an enemy of the Gulf sheikhdoms/kingdom of S.A. on several levels. One is religious, where Iran still claims Bahrain, with its sixty percent Shi'ite population. Other pockets of Shi'ites live in the Al Hasa Oasis & towns like Al-Qatif and Hofuf on the Persian/Arabian Gulf. Although the Arab Shi'ites traditionally detest their Iranian co-religionists on nationalist grounds, the delusional Iranian paramilitary units still believe that Iran can control world oil exports by controlling the Strait of Hormuz & domineering the Arab states on the western side of the Persian/Arabian Gulf.

For U.N. purposes, Iran denies any development of nukes, instead claiming that they are developing a nuclear energy production which is ludicrous on the face of it, given its ownership of 30% of the world's natural gas underground. However, the Hate-America moron lefties in the US support Iran, because this dovetails with the international left's instinctive anti-Semitism. [A site called Newshoggers is particularly biased & despicable in its hatred of Israel.] So far, the Israelis have been careful to follow up their strategically brilliant elimination of Osirak in 1981 with subsequent take-downs of nuke sites like the destruction of a Syrian site late last year. Is Tehran & environs next on the Israeli target list?

Israel does have grounds for fearing the paramilitary creeps to the north & west of their borders, and Hezbollah & Hamas [who of course are Sunni] have a temporary marriage of convenience due to their common hatred of Israel. Many in Beirut believe that the next time Hezbollah seizes Israeli soldiers, the south part of Beirut will be reduced to rubble in a rapid fashion. Despite the hypocritical whining of anti-Semites in the EU-nuch countries and the Arab League.

Indeed, secretly the Peninsula Arabs would probably enjoy seeing the diminishment of Tehran's ambitions in the Levant. However, the main goal of the Iranians in building a nuclear bomb is to intimidate the Saudis and Gulfies into submission---allowing Iran to influence the export of oil to the rest of the world from that strategic resource basin.

PM Olmert's resignation & the possible ascendancy of Netanyahu does not bode well for the Hamas & Hezbollah violent reactionaries in the Levant. Hopefully, Iranian presidential elections in early '09 will remove Ahmedinejad & lessen the influence of the Basiji & Pasdaran paramilitaries on Iranian foreign policy.

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