Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama Lies About Big Oil & McCain

Obama appears to be choosing a path of populist demagoguery to win independent voters, a ploy which is as ill-conceived as its facts are inaccurate.

Nancy Pelosi is pursuing a hypermoronic refusal to allow a vote on drilling offshore and in ANWR, probably because she believes that her own clear-headed Dem lieutenants [at least a third of the Dems in the House are more than just shills for the far left] will support what even Obama realizes is a necessary policy for increasing US oil supply---offshore drilling, that is.

McCain has been inept at pushing his advantages in the energy area so far, but the old codger is slowly, oh so slowly catching on that he may have stumbled upon a winning gambit----due to the insufferable stupidity of Pelosi & Reid in their "firm," [read "pig-headed"] oppositon to drilling in the most prospective areas on and off-shore.

FactCheck puts the Obama hysterics about Big Oil's having McCain "in its pocket" in perspective:
It bears repeating, as we've reminded readers before, that oil companies themselves don't make donations. It's illegal under federal law for corporations to donate directly to candidates and has been since 1918. The ad refers to donations from executives and employees of oil companies, given either directly or through company-sponsored political action committees, or PACs.

Both candidates accept donations from individual employees of oil companies. In fact, when Obama claimed in an ad last March that "I don't take money from oil companies," we criticized him for being a little too slick. The CRP puts Obama's total from oil and gas donors at $394,465.

Based on CRP's figures, McCain's oil and gas donations account for just 0.9 cents out of every $100 he's raised. Obama's oil and gas total comes to 0.1 cents per $100. That's a significant difference between the two candidates, and it's clear that the industry is favoring McCain with its donations. Whether that puts him "in the pocket" of the industry is a judgment we'll leave to our readers.

Of course, the MSM continues to piously & devoutly recite Obama's half-truths without critical assessment, except for a few outliers like the WaPo, which has a sophisticated readership able to discern when it is being flimflammed. Even so, FactCheck also mentioned a July 31st article in the Post that contained inaccuracies in exaggerating McCain's ties to Big Oil.

McCain's almost impossible to keep under control, like a bowling ball in the back of a moving pickup truck. The fact is that until now, Johnny Mack is unable to stay on-topic long enough to impart a consistent message on just about everything, let alone energy. Let's hope his handlers can reel him in by the last two months of the campaign.

If he's still lurching & reversing & backing & hauling in October, he may have lost an election which appears now is his to win---through sheer ADD lack of attention span.

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