Saturday, August 02, 2008

NYT Op-Ed Columnist Yearns for Acheson

David Brooks must have something in his contract that requires hiim to write [at least] one sycophantic Op-Ed on Democrats per month, even if it is sheer unadulterated gibberish. Today he meets his quota for August, hitting his marks like a pro. Here's his homage to the rosy-fingered sunset of memory: the late 1940s, global power was concentrated. The victory over fascism meant the mantle of global leadership rested firmly on the Atlantic alliance. The United States accounted for roughly half of world economic output. Within the U.S., power was wielded by a small, bipartisan, permanent governing class — men like Acheson, W. Averell Harriman, John McCloy and Robert Lovett.

Brooks went to Harvard, where they instruct gullible young people [like himself?] with a flim-flammedversion of history based upon pious concoctions ginned up by liberal narrators [Sean Wilentz is the flavor du jour among current acolytes of the Arthur Schlesinger Jr. school of ardent revisioning of the past as it never was.]

Therefore, David probably never got the memo that Dean Acheson committed a colossal blunder that, were it cone by a Repub, would resound down the halls of memory like a clanging gong to be repeated on a monthly basis to demonstrate the foolishness of Republicans.

Is David even aware that in Feb, 1950, Dean Acheson got up before the UN & recited a list of countries that the USA regarded as worthy of protection? Is he aware that Acheson & his moronic imbecilic underling, an Asst. Secretary of State for East Asia named Dean Rusk, had inadvertently & carelessly left South Korea off the list?

While the sleepyheads in Foggy Bottom continued their useless drudgery, Joe Stalin read the speech and, much smarter than Rusk or Acheson, immediately divined that the US didn't care about Korea one way or the other.

Tens of thousands of American soldiers died because of the stupid unprofessional carelessness of a third-rate moron who is now regarded as a "great" Secretary of State by dilettantes like Brooks.

And while GWB gets pummeled by the mindless MSM, including many Repubs, for taking a terrorist nation off the list of countries ruled buy socialist dictators, vapid & vacuous commentary like Brooks' continues to infest the Op-Ed pages of the NYT.

As Columbia student leader Mark Rudd told me when he was my houseguest in Ann Arbor some thirty-nine years ago while puffing on my ganga, "No fault on the left."

And so-called Republicans often further this mindless adherence to a broken historical narrative devoid of truth & honor.

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