Monday, August 25, 2008

Today Show Frauds Interview "Clark Rockefeller" Fraud---Art Critic Frauds Await Verdict

Weird Transformer Gerhartsreiter lived out the German dream of that weird movie by German cineaste of moving to Wisconsin. He convinced a cowgirl from the Dairyland to marry him, in the bucolic town of Elm Grove, where I spent my early years of grade school, ditched her, murdered a California couple & then went East to seduce a stupid Brit who thought she was marrying a Rockefeller.

Who better to interview this sport of nature than gimlet-eyed lizard-woman Ann Curry, who will try to touch him & pluck at him in her barnyard manner while winsome Matt Lauer admires his fellow Dutchman's pluck & savvy in deceiving so many gullible Americans --- whom Today Show regard as inferior beings---to believe his fantastic fantasies.

I hope they have the art critic Stone who insisted he must be a Rockefeller because she inspected his art collection & the fakes "were definitely real."

This whole shoddy bogus episode reveals layer after layer of the superficial Left Coasts buying into a whack-job impersonation. Fools are easily fooled.

Here is more NYT slobbering over this new celebrity, who will predictably be asked to write a book with a huge up-front signing bonus---the Left Coast Lizards revel in their own shallow ineptitude and NBC sets the tone for moral turpitude throughout the cultural landscape. [Oh BTW, anyone get any hard-hitting journalism out of NBC over those four gold-medalist pre-teens in China?] Tiny Costas interviewed Belgian moron Rogge & the whole subject was dodged and avoided---wouldn't want to ruin access to the PRC police state in the future, would we, lil Bobby?

Kobe Bryant put Collingsworth, a total fraud on a level with Keith Overbladder, in his/her/its place when the NBC suck-up tsk-tsked about Kobe's patriotic remarks about playing for the US.

LOO-Zer Collingsworth will predictably continue to drive ratings down with his unsportsmanlike idiotic Bidenesque foot-in-mouth episodes.

And who thinks Mary Carillo [outside of NBC internal polling from a friendly umpire] is anything more than a shill for the PRC?

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