Monday, August 25, 2008

NEA & AFTA Booed by Dem Mayors & Elected Officials

Stalinist OGPU/NKVD throwback organizations like the American Teachers' Apparatchiki are finally being dragged into accountability. In the words of a senior apparatchik:
"John Wilson, head of the NEA itself, was also there. Afterwards, he seemed a bit stunned. He argued pols should work with unions, in pursuit of a "shared vision," not bash them. But isn't this a power struggle where you have to bash the other side to get leverage, I asked. "Then you have losers," he answered."

John is finding out late in life that he is a LOO-ZER!

Accountability means real life, not the la-la-land tooth-fairy curriculums being foisted on American children by ideological throwbacks to the Third International. DWMs actually did make the US what Kobe Bryant told transgender-victim Collingsworth "the Greatest Country in the World," something NBC & the NEA/AFTA sports of nature will never understand.

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