Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Edwards Pays Mom of Love-Child $15/Month

The National Enquirer remains the best place for news as the MSM continues its slow subsidence into agitpreppie mediocrity. Rielle Hunter gets 15 grand from an intermediary to keep her mouth shut on John Edwards' moral lapses as he preaches anodyne populist mantras to lobby for a place in an Obama cabinet.

That ain't gonna happen if the Edwards/Hunter story breaks big & so far, the Enquirer claims to have pictures, but won't leak them to bolster the Beverly Hilton Hotel midnight tryst between John & Rielle. Is the Enquirer waiting for the Democrat Convention in Denver to ruin John-Boy Hair-and-Makeup's big speech to the assembled Socialists in waiting? That would be the only reason, unmentioned by Mickey Kaus in the speculative list of excuses for the Enquirer's not breaking the story more widely.

While it would be wonderful to have Dem hypocrisy & scorn for family values splashed all over its convention, the Enquirer may be giving the Hollyweirdos time to concoct defenses against the scoop. Already, the non-news broadsheet LAT forbids any speculation even on its blogsite---once again testimony that the commissars of the MSM still reign unchecked in their agitprop strongholds. They emit newsie spin, but do not report news.

Fox of course once again breaks out of the paradigm of sheer mediocrity fostered inside the NYT & MSM cocoons.

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