Sunday, August 10, 2008

WaPo Continues to Protect Pretty John-Boy & Slut Rielle

Washington Post continues its limited-hang-out coverup of John-Boy & his relations with La Dame aux Pickup-Bar-in-NYC.

Hilarious! This certified slut who picked up the N.C. rube at a bar in NYC, conned him into a $114,000 job as his pole dancer, got a $15K/month stipend to keep her mouth shut, denied that Edwards' houseboy was her lover, & was actually the subject of Jay McInerney's book The Story of My Life because she was such a sleep-around druggie---this whore now refuses to give a blood test!

Now she's on Edwards' gravy/money train until Elizabeth croaks & she can go live in that 40K sq.ft. mansion in N.C. & get laid on the side trips to NYC, where she hangs around bars.

This Hair-and-Makeup fraud wanted to be POTUS!?

Conning a con-man is good work, Rielle, congratulations.

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