Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mickey Kaus has a good idea for MTP.

Mickey Kaus has a great idea to lift NBC News out of the trough of septic sewage it feeds its dwindling audience.
Why not bring back Ken Bode to host Meet the Press? His Washington Week in Review was just getting really good when he was fired to make room for the anodyne Gwen Ifill. ... Bode's about as far away in style from Keith Olbermann as you can get, something that seems to be important to MTPers who see their show as a holdout against creeping cable culture.

I remember Bode as intelligent & balanced, unlike the whole crew [except perhaps Andrea Mitchell] of NBC back-ups to Russert.

Ifill got her ascendancy just at the time the Clintons were elected in '92---almost immediately introducing NBC News into the identity silliness that the Dems suffer from & may lose the election as the intricacies pile up among many competing constituencies. Anodyne is kind for her low-key & semi-competent center-left spin---Bode's sparkling wit & out-of-the-box insights will pep up any MTF much more than the slogging mediocrities presently in the running [of course, psycho-maniac K-O would be a fully-loaded Russian roulette maneuver only NBC might try, given Jeff Zucker's ultra-left propensities].

I wish Ken would surface on some other network---just like Aaron Brown, his competence simply doesn't merit full-time exposure.

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Burnt Toast said...

I liked MTP. But I suppose it's because I'm intelligent enough to wade through the partisanship the oozes from pores of the hosts and guests. On occasion, you can hear some really insightful observations about the political situation in Washing Machine, D.C. William Buckley it is not, but fair to say is was consumable.

Now, if they really wanted some ratings, why not Julie Banderas from Fox News? Sure, she's not the sharpest political analyst on our curve of the Universe, but if she dressed in black leather while debating James Carville. . .

THAT would be "Must See TV."