Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edwards Caught Flagrante in Beverly Hilton. No VP? No AG?

Mickey Kaus is where I first spotted John Edwards' spectacular hypocrisy & subsequent love-chile due to Elizabeth's, well, no need to elaborate. Now the proverbial cat is roaming, but the deaf, dumb & blind MSM won't pick it up due to their DNC affiliate obligations. Plus it's in the National Enquirer, which Roger Simon notes is much more reliable than the New York Times nowadays as a news breaker.

But even the NYT-wannabe Los Angeles Times has let the story leak onto its back forty---is a revelation soon to spring full-blown from the head of Zeus?

Roger Simon has actually run into Rielle at the tedious round of Hollyweird cocktail parties and his description is the best I've seen in a long time of the kind of woman a po'-boy hypocrite blowhard hair-and-makeup ambulance chaser from them mill towns in the Carolina piedmont would find irresistable:
"She was not particularly notable, of the tedious sort that bore you to death about their yoga instructor."

But a veritable Siren to the wandering eye of what Wonkette wearily dismisses as a tiresome repeat of something she/it mentioned last October while a huge picture of Novak hangs above her bloghead---let's switch to Bob Novak accidentally hitting a pedestrian and put that as the lead on CNN & PMSNBC, quick, while no one notices Johnny Boy "Hair & Makeup" with his girl-friend.

Isn't it amazing how the MSM can make Novak front-page lead-in on the print & electronic Mighty Wurlitzer while John Edwards remains unavailable to Jay Leno & David Letterman?

Not amazing, but merely disgusting.

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