Monday, July 07, 2008

Need a Friend, Buy a Dog [or Cat, in My Case]

IHT has a sensible article on how dogs are more consistent than humans---though the Bichon Frise at our house litters the floor with BMs when we are not around. Ditto the cats, if their litter bin is not cleaned thoroughly enough.

Still, their uncritical acceptance [though our cat Chloe looks down her nose at us mere humans] is better than nagging harping humans telling us to do this, don't do that.

For a good look at Dumpling, our 10K Maine Coon/Himalayan/Ragdoll mix, enlarge the picture on my blog. He is the perfect mix of feline independence & affectionate companion---follows his male master around like a dog, in fact!

Plus you don't have to walk him!!!

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