Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great White Shark & HIs New Bride at The British Open

Greg Norman was the most charismatic golfer of the nineties, even hosting POTUS Clinton at his home when Bubba broke his kneecap. When I first arrived in Florida to live, I played Doral & Norman's course there, a very innovative course.

Here in Boca, Chris Evert still has her tennis academy & she just married the Shark after a nasty divorce from his previous wife. Chris used to come to Joan of Arc School here in Boca, where my daughter went, to present the teacher of the year award, which was out of Chris's pocket [CE was a grad of J of A]. Her tennis academy is adjacent to my LA Fitness place & I see her sign every day on leaving in an exhausted state of mind & body. [I have lost 30 lbs. since starting there, but I digress].

Sadly, Greg has a talent for leading in major golf tournaments, but blowing up in the final round---I recall him hitting the clubhouse on the 18th green two decades ago at another British Open. According to the link above, he has lost 6 of 7 where he has led after 54 holes. I'm wishing him well & hope Chris's advice keeps him in the game. He is already playing in a more relaxed fashion & like the Irishman Padraig Harrington, has curtailed his practices---perhaps that's a secret to better golf, at least at their age.

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