Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama Has The Media Covering His Back Even After TNY Expose By Ryan Lizza

The New Yorker is one of the very few media outlets daring to cover the seamy parts of Obama's sudden rise to power. Ryan Lizza has a great article in The New Yorker on what a dishonest phony creep Obama really is---a twenty-year narrative cavalcade in Chicago of Obama's lying, cheating, and stealing. [Then The Chicago Mafia wouldn't let Chicago journalist Lizza on the plane to the Middle East---Ryan knows way too much about this Jimmy Carter without ethics.]

And BTW, whatever happened to that Rezko fellow who financed The Obamable Showman's State Senate election?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Indeed we with long memories recall the sudden ascension of James Earl Carter to prominence solely because of a stupid grin the media insisted was a smile. The result was arguably the worst president of the 20th century & the most annoying ex-POTUS ever.

Now we see a concerted campaign by the MSM to concoct a phony non-important series of verbal mistakes by McCain into some sort of issue! McCain talks to the press all the time. Andrea Mitchell correctly points out that the press is excluded from any real contact with The Obamanable Showman. And the oracle from Indonesia almost never gives one-on-one interviews, and when he does, flubs up badly as he did with Katie Couric.

McCain never made a statement as stupid as the "57 states" comment that Obamessiah mentioned. And when the Chosen One does misspeak, it is not pointed out or drummed relentlessly into the blogosphere by libtard ninnies.

Cretins populating the network now known as National Barac-O Campfollowers---with its stable of airheads & vicious twits---are particularly egregious in this respect. Of course, no one watches MSNBC except committed anti-Americans.

My guess is that the American people is much brighter than the cretins in the media spotlight---PMSNBC's subbasement ratings reflect the good taste of these true Americans. And the latest polls indicate the American people think the press & cable outles are biased pro-Obama.

The most interesting part of the poll is that when matched with the largest major US polling outles [Pew, Gallup, WSJH/NBC, & Rasmiussen, Zogby, & CBS], Obama is getting no traction despite the numerous stumbles by a visibly exhausted McCain & the complete laissez-faire inability of the MSM to confront Obama when he also is bumbling through an interview. Obama can give a great speech with teleprompters, but is woefully inadequate in a one-on-one situation, as Couric demonstrated when pointing out his ridiculous statements about still being against the surge even after it worked.

His rapturous reception in front of the EU-nuch hordes, including ululations from the Arabs in his his ERman audience after he mentioned that his father was a goat-herder, means little to the average American in "flyover country," those unwashed hicks despised by the media titans in New York & Hollyweird. Indeed, the appeasement syndrome seems to be a permanent part of the EU-nuch mindset.

But even the "shiver-up-my-leg" moron Chris Matthews noted today on his rant-show that McCain is making gains & turning states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota into swing states, merely by remaining out of the klieglight glare of the Obamanable Showman's performances. And the MSM is losing viewers & readers at record levels, as NBC sinks into a permanent fourth place in the race for eyeballs each night.

The media are so biased that they are losing their most precious advantage, their credibility. And if McCain can stop his infuriating tendency to sound like some sort of nattering old man stringing unconnected thoughts and themes together seemingly at random---he could actually pull it off.

I'm hoping for that despite my numerous reservations about Johnny Mac's policy positions [ANWR is just another lapse in taking advantage of what 70% of Americans want---I can now understand why JM finished 590th in his Annapolis class of 596. But his heart is golden & he's our only hope to avoid the slippy slide into EU-socialist nonsense that the cheering Krauts in the Tiergarten have already succumbed to.

Obama is a ringer for weakening the US into the same competitve disadvantage that the EU-nuchs already suffer under---as was astutely pointed out by Karl Rove the other night on a talk show.

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