Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sarkozy Reintegrates France into NATO

The International Herald Tribune has an article bemoaning all the "inconsistencies" concerning France's announced plans for reintegration into NATO. John Vinocur, possibly a relative of TV commentator/reporter Sandor Vinocur from back in the day, verbally clenches his fists & asks plaintively what will become of the much-touted European Defense Force that discredited leftists Schroeder & Chirac were touting as a counterbalance to US power?

The fact is, which I learned from Peter Tarnoff while Vice Consul in Lyon back in the day, is that France never changed its cryptic military codes when De Gaulle ostentatiously left NATO in a huff back in '66, around when he was uttering "Vive Le Quebec Libre" and strutting across the world stage like an outsized Napoleon-wannabe. So the French departure from NATO was always more cosmetic than substance.

Sarkozy is clear-eyed about the fact that the EU-nuchs and their "soft power" will not accomplish much---as the continued impasse with Iran on nukes & Turkey on Northern Cyprus demonstrates on a frequent basis. The Brits & now the French & even the Krauts know that with all their shoulders behind the wheel, more forward movement will ensue.

Vive La France Libre!

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