Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NBC Explains Its One-Sided Coverage

DNC Affiliate NBC is so one-sided in its reporting that it lurched back to defend its being in-the-tank for Obama. And over-the-top weirdos doing election night commentary [Olberman & Matthews].

David Gregory, NBC's chief White House correspondent and host of "Race to the White House" on MSNBC, saidMSNBC's broader style reflects the "revolution" in the television news business.
"We're trying to do something here," said Gregory. "We have a big tent. We have many different views, all on one network. We're doing reporting, analysis and opinion all under one umbrella."

Perhaps by "big tent," Gregory means a three-ring circus. And what Gregory didn't mention is that [P]MSNBC is trying to keep a cable operation on the air that has virtually no viewers.

And perhaps by "revolution," Gregory means "revolting."

Anyway, here's whatOlberman's colleagues at MSNBC think of him:
In a recent profile of Olbermann in the New Yorker, Peter Boyle recalls that he could be so "overbearing" that Suzy Kolber, a former colleague of his at ESPN, would sometimes "lock herself in the bathroom and cry." It's a sentiment that people who know him today echo. "I love his politics, and think he's really filled a void for the left that was missing on TV, but the guy is just a total asshole," says a former colleague of the frequent Page Six target. "He's just a full-blown, red-in-the-face screamer." Another former MSNBC staffer notes that Olbermann refused to communicate with underlings face to face when he worked out of the network's Secaucus operation, instead insisting that anyone who wished to get in touch with him leave him a note in a special mailbox. "His disregard for those beneath him is almost comical," the staffer continues. "I remember he had an assistant back then named Brian whom he made go out and buy presents for other people. Brian did, with his own money, and of course Keith never reimbursed him." Says an NBC producer who has worked with him: "He is, to put it kindly, brusque."

At ESPN absolutely no one will speak about the odious Odorboy, including his high school chum Chris Berman, whom an ESPN exec once told me was "the nicest guy in the world." Seems the "total asshole" alienated almost every ESPN colleague to the extent that Suzy Kolber's sentiment was well nigh universal there. Another hideous narcissist.

Watching his program gives one much to retch about.

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