Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pussification of Perfidious Albion Proceeds Apace

Rachel Lucas points out the latest abominable perversion of justice as England sinks into a socialist hell. Prime Weenie Gordon Brown is trying to push his country into EU-nuch impotence via parliamentary trickery now that the Irish have shown that real men dwell on the Emerald Isle. Even the Brits now admire the Irish for standing up for rights that are progressively being denied the English yeomanry by a political class bent on totalitarian crushing of every right the Brits used to treasure and fight for.

It's enough to make me start checking up on the BNP!


Americaneocon said...

Hope you're enjoying your summer!!

GW said...

Hello Dave.

If I recall correctly, in the recent by-election, the BNP outdid Labour and the UKIP. It would seem that the BNP is becoming a more palatable option with each passing day that Labour acts more like a Politburo and David Cameron sings castrati.

dave in boca said...

Also, BNP got a member on the Greater London Assembly, to perhaps talk back to the loons that populate the GLA, and support, if the mayor wants it, some of the countervailing measures that need to be done to restore some sense of dignity to a country gone PC over the top.

Also, with Camaeroon making the Conservatives look like wusses, BNP might have a broader future. But remember, the Brit press is bolshy beyond belief.