Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why the Delay? No, Wait! Why the Hurry?

As the essential James Taranto again points out, the Grey Lady at the New York Times needs to keep her slip from showing, or rather her bikini wax up to date!

Why the Delay?
"Let's see. The vice president of the United States accidentally shot someone while bird-hunting on a Texas ranch. It took the White House nearly 24 hours to share that information with the rest of the nation. . . . The rest of the world might have been in the dark forever if Ms. Armstrong had not chosen to share the news with a reporter from the paper in Corpus Christi."--editorial, New York Times, Feb. 14

No, Wait! Why the Hurry?
" 'Ultimately, I'm the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit Harry,' Mr. Cheney said, appearing a bit shaken in a hastily arranged interview on Fox News to provide his version of events in a just-the-facts monotone."--news story, New York Times, Feb. 16

The only funnies the NYT carries are on its editorial page, unless it's in the editorials in its news coverage!?!

Another true fact from Taranto in the WSJ, whose circulation is growing while the NYT circulation is diminishing:

To some extent, too, the pro-Bush sentiment on the right that so upsets Greenwald is a product of the anti-Bush fanaticism of the left. There is a sort of Newton's Third Law of politics, which was at work during the previous administration as well. People on the left who reviled Bill Clinton's policies in such areas as trade, welfare and capital punishment nonetheless backed him, and supported him fervently when Congress impeached him.

For most conservatives, Bush is not perfect but he is far better than the alternatives that were on offer in 2000 and 2004. Those on the left who look at the right and see blind loyalty for the most part are actually viewing a reflection of their own blind hate.

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