Friday, February 17, 2006

NYT Attacks Wal-Mart

The New York Times continued the steady cascade of articles by the left-wing MSM against Wal-Mart, castigating its CEO Lee Scott for comments made by Wal-Mart's in-house web-site, Lee's Garage.

The NYT also posted a web site called Wal-Mart Watch supported by unions and foundations which monitor and frequently oppose Wal-Mart's policies and expansion plans.

After the usual shrill agitprop NYT readers are routinely exposed to concerning Mr. Scott's large salary and the fact that he
hops around the globe on Wal-Mart's fleet of jets and who lives in a gated community called Pinnacle

the piece suddenly does a 180 degree turnaround and, as if written by another author with a "good cop" attitude, displays Mr. Scott and his concerns much more sympathetically.

As though the NYT political commissar didn't have time to edit page two!

New York, like Chicago, refuses to allow Wal-Marts within its city borders, although Wal-Mart got huge publicity in Chicagoland recently when Evergreen Park opened a store just across the city line from Chicago and got over 30,000 job applications.

Unions portray Wal-Mart as a bad employer, but the company has three times the sales volume of its nearest competitor, the tony and over-hyped Target chain, which coincidentally is owned and managed by the Dayton family, whose scion is a far-left Democratic Senator in Minnesota. Target contributes heavily to Democratic Party causes, and Wal-Mart does the same for Republican causes and foundations.

Stay tuned as it is becoming apparent that the crusade against Wal-Mart will activate more ultra-left journalism on PBS, the networks, the legacy exempt media NYT-LAT-WaPo-Globe axis of weasals, and other bulwarks of anti-capitalism.

This "invisible hand" is leaving fingerprints all over its media playground sites.

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