Wednesday, February 15, 2006

GORE is off the radar with trash-talk at USA

Hugh Hewitt does a good job dissecting the suicidal swan-dive the legacy media are making into complete irrelevant partisanship.

Where is any word of the former VEEP's mentally unhinged remarks in a foreign country off-camera to an Arab audience that the U.S. had treated Arabs terribly? Hewitt answers his own question by saying, not in the NYT, LAT, WaPo, or Globe.

Chris Mathews is trying to redeem himself from his relevant remark about Michael Moore by frothing at the mouth during his dialogues with MSNBC attack-dog Gregory, but Hewitt gives no mention to the talking heads on the popcorn news networks.

Rather appears to be John the Baptist leading his clueless cocoon-mates to an early career exit. Jon Klein at CNN is soon to follow, and the network news is becoming unwatched as the WH Press thrashes on-camera.

But David Ignatius comparing Cheney to Teddy Kennedy's leaving a girl to drown while blind-drunk at Chappaquiddick?

What will Deborah Howell say to a howler like that?

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