Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Which Professions Have The Most Psychopaths?

Interesting article. I have dealt with Media, Lawyers, & Journalists in my FSO career. Then in the private sector, I actually was a journalist and then a minor executive in a huge oil company with frequent contact with its CEO, who took a shine to me.

I would say from my experience that the list rings true---even to chefs, some world-class specimens of whom I met when I was Vice Consul in Lyon, France. Lawyers are even more unfeeling than CEOs, whom I found out in my journalistic career [I interviewed many in my job as International Editor of the Oil Daily] were very cagey because they have to think of their shareholders.

Lawyers don't, and often disregard the interests of their client, as I found out.

Media/TV types are hopelessly shallow with only a few exceptions [Howie Kurtz is one very prominent exception whom I met and talked to several times at length].

Journalists run the spectrum, with many who will kill for a story and then others who will share with their fellow ink-stained wretches.

Diplomats should be on the psychopathy list as I've met Richard Holbrooke & several less famous like him who are genuinely autistic and solipsistic in their utter self-absorption.

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