Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Terrorist-in-Chief Khaled Meshal Dares Israel to Invade

Khaled Meshal is a craven hyena too afraid to live in Gaza, so he sequesters himself in Damascus where Chief-of-State terrorist Bashar Assad gives this Hamas scavenger-animal shelter from the Israelis.
Speaking at a news conference in Cairo, where the diplomatic efforts were under way, the Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal, suggested that the Israeli infantry mobilization on the border with Gaza was a bluff on the part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

“If you wanted to launch it, you would have done it,” Mr. Meshal told reporters. He accused Israel of using the invasion threat as an attempt to “dictate its own terms and force us into silence.”

Rejecting Israel’s contention that Hamas had precipitated the conflict, Mr. Meshal said the burden was on the Israelis. “The demand of the people of Gaza is meeting their legimitate demands — for Israel to be restrained from its aggression, assassinations and invasions, and for the siege over Gaza to be ended,” he said.
This dog of an Arab should shut up and keep his trap shut. I am hoping the coward who has his missiles aimed at Israeli civilians gets his car blown up just like the Hamas military commander did last week. If he had a spinal column, he would aim those missiles at the Israeli Merkava tanks---then he's see a nation with citizens who fight terrorist fags and bitch-boys would retaliate. Aiming at civilian towns in Israel is cowardly, not something the NYT often points out. Israel will take care of Haniya and Meshel in good time. Just like they took out the cowardly hyena who killed an American Navy Officer back in the '80s. That hyena was killed in Damascus and was Meshal's chief assistant terrorist. Both dogs will get their just due at the hands of Israel

And then the dogs will eat their bones too.

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