Saturday, November 17, 2012

NYT Buries the Lede til Last Sentence

A suspected collaborator in Gaza was summarily assassinated in the street, by rag head Nazi terrorists from the Al Qassem Brigades. Here's how the NYT ends the piece:
The brazen nature of the killing suggested that Hamas, which governs Gaza, intended it as a blunt message to other possible collaborators with Israel, which is believed to have an extensive network of informants here as part of its underlying battle with the group. But the shooting evoked mixed feelings. “There were kids and children on the street,” said the witness, Mr. Mohammed. “They should have executed him in a far place.” A spokeswoman for the Independent Commission for Human Rights, the Palestinian Authority’s watchdog agency that monitors prosecutions of suspected collaborators with Israel, said the group had no record of Mr. Ouaida having ever been arrested or sentenced to death. Even if he had been, she noted, such an execution should be carried out by the government after a trial, not handled summarily on the street.

UPDATE: The National Journal has a piece on how Obama's killing Osama opened the door to targeted assassinations of evildoers.

As an obiter dicta, in 1999, I was shortlisted for the job of UNHCR chief in Gaza. The pay & perks & benefits from being in the UN system were fabulous, but I was fortunate enough to interview in Amman, Jordan and subsequently rejoiced in not getting the job. I'm sure a stray missile or bullet would have ended my sojourn in this incarnation.

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