Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Latino Vote in 2012 and the Depth of the GOP Problem

I disagree with Messrs. Diaz & Zogby that Texas & Georgia will be up for grabs in 2016, but AZ might get enough Latinos to tip into the Dem column in the electoral race. But the larger problem for the GOP is more complex than these gentlemen make it sound. Moderation by Ronald Reagan with the one-time Amnesty in 1985 did not produce GOP gains among the Latinos in 1986----on the contrary, the pct. of the Latino vote was much LOWER than it was in '84 for the presidential race. Admittedly, GWB was much more politically adept at handling the problems Latinos faced than either McCain or Romney, but a lot of the problem that the GOP has with the Latinos might disappear in 2016 if Marco Rubio is on the presidential list or Gov. Martinez of N.M. is on the Veep ticket.
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