Friday, November 23, 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns Amid Gathering Scandals

Feigning mental illness as an excuse, Jackson is just one of the thirty-or-so Black Caucus members, a majority of whom are basically swindlers and cheats of one sort or another. Read how he angled for Obama's vacated seat by having his foreign-named mentor/minder offer between $1.5 & $6 million for Blagovich, the then-governor now serving a prison sentence, told the FBI. Jackson Jr. & his Alderman wife are now still being investigated, but this resignation looks like Junior is taking the fall so as to avoid a full-blown expose of his crimes and misdemeanors.

TPM Muckraker has more salacious details, including how Ald. wife used campaign funds to redecorate the Jesse Jr. Chicago home.

Jesse Sr. was notorious for shaking down huge corporations as he did to a Toyota plant in Peoria for alleged discrimination, threatening demonstrations, boycotts & mayhem to the brand name. The crook who still infests the American body politic like a flea or a louse, depending on your POV, now acts as an elder statesman, his time like Al Sharpton's as a symbol of black whatever now receding into the past.
“Mr. Jackson is cooperating with the investigation. We hope to negotiate a fair resolution of the matter but the process could take several months. During that time, we will have no further comment and urge you to give Mr. Jackson the privacy he needs to heal and handle these issues responsibly,” according to a statement by Reid Weingarten and Brian Heberlig, who are in Washington, and Dan K. Webb, who is in Chicago.
Reid Weingarten represented my wife [and myself] when we were testifying against Sen. Hatfield about twenty years ago when he was a bright young up and coming lawyer. Now he's graduated to representing the big fish like Jesse Jr.

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