Monday, November 19, 2012

Gaza Child Killed by Misfiring Hamas Rocket[s]?

Human Shields are the ultimate cynical ploy by the barbaric whiners in Hamas' leadership who want to parade their victimhood in front of the witless non-Arab, non-Muslim world to gain sympathy and some measure of guilt money. This weekend the visit of Egyptian Prime Minister Kandil was highlighted by the highly-publicized presentation to him of a 4-year old Gaza boy killed the very morning of his visit. Foreign reporters tsk-tsked and the Gaza Hamas PR types wove a web of lies about the unfortunate boy---however, soon independent Gaza observers ratted out the cynical Haniya and his gang of liars:
In private, many people were prepared to admit to dismay that it was happening again. Some of those with homes near strategic points that might soon become battlefields, or targets for Israeli bombers, admitted to feelings of dread at what could be to come. A few even said they had pleaded with Hamas not to launch rockets from near their homes — a sure-fire way to summon up an Israeli airstrike in response. But there were signs on Saturday that not all the Palestinian casualties have been the result of Israeli air strikes. The highly publicised death of four-year-old Mohammed Sadallah appeared to have been the result of a misfiring home-made rocket, not a bomb dropped by Israel.

The child’s death on Friday figured prominently in media coverage after Hisham Kandil, the Egyptian prime minister, was filmed lifting his dead body out of an ambulance. "The boy, the martyr, whose blood is still on my hands and clothes, is something that we cannot keep silent about," he said, before promising to defend the Palestinian people. But experts from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights who visited the site on Saturday said they believed that the explosion was caused by a Palestinian rocket.

In the chaos, it is highly unlikely that Mr Kandil or anyone else at the hospital suspected that the death was the result of anything but an air strike. Sharif Khalah, 26, was standing at the end of the alleyway by the road when the explosion happened.
Anyone familiar with the tawdry cynical mindset of the Hamas and Ikhwan religious fanatics knows that they will say, deny, excuse anything in the advancement and aggrandizement of their goals and territory.

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