Thursday, November 01, 2012

Allen West's Primary Opponent 'Embarrassed' By West, Endorses Democrat Patrick Murphy

The Democrats are terrified of a black Congressman who refuses to abide by the rules of their kept servants in their CBC plantation. These unfortunates are entitled to skim off as much money as possible without prosecution [unless, like the unfortunate LA Cong Jefferson, they take it from foreign sources] as long, that is, as they claim to be Dems & vote their way.

As for Patrick Murphy, his daddy is bankrolling this self-proclaimed CPA who isn't even registered in the appropriate offices as one. He is completely unqualified. Col. West led his unit bravely into Iraq & was railroaded by a PC-obsessed Army Command whose ridiculous charges were ultimately dismissed. Finally, the Huffpost polling is so far off the mark that RealPolitics doesn't even have this race as a toss-up, and the margin among local polling sources is closer to 10% than 1.7. But what's to expect from the biased commentary from a biased news source...?

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