Monday, November 05, 2012

Obama Campaign: We've Contacted One Out Of Every 2.5 People In The Country

Here's a response I wrote to PhDiva when she accused me of "lacking the intelligence to understand that Obama could be doing both one thing and then its opposite without contradicting himself" or words to that effect. You can read the Puffington Host article below to look up the context.
So The Flimflammer-in-Chief isn't talking out of both sides of his mouth when he says at the beginning of the week that he opposes same-sex marriage and then changes TWO DAYS LATER, after piously intoning that he was "reconsidering" the issue, by coming out completely for this issue, and not because he needed LGBT money & other support for re-election. If you really have a PhD, it ain't cuz of high intelligence, it's because you conned your doctoral committee into accepting your dissertation. I have a Mensa level IQ, but don't condescend to those who disagree with me by saying they "lack intelligence." You lack emotional balance and are probably suffering from grandiosity as well. I also was an FSO and speak seven languages as well as know two classical languages, so I understand a bit about complexity. And those who prate about it are usual feckless pompous academics.
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