Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan an Ideal Choice for VP

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As a Wisconsin native who spent the first decade of my like living in Waukesha, I believe that Paul Ryan is grounded in the same solid Midwestern values as many other great politicians of the past: the greatest Republican of them all, Abe Lincoln, is at the head of the list. I worked for Minnesota native, Gene McCarthy, in 1968, a man who took on the gigantic impostor LBJ. The list goes on and on.

The best aspect of Romney's choice is that Paul is a true conservative, who won't be too rattled by Tea Party advocates on the right. And even the New York Times has something halfway decent to say about Ryan and his lack of foreign policy experience::
So why the U.S.S Wisconsin? The obvious explanation for using the hulking battleship as the backdrop for the vice-presidential announcement is that Mr. Ryan is from the State of Wisconsin. But the first speaker here Saturday, Representative J. Randy Forbes of Virginia, telegraphed a bigger theme: protecting the military budget. In his remarks, Mr. Forbes called for Washington to “stop dismantling” the America’s armed forces. It is a theme that Mr. Romney has hit on repeatedly on the campaign trail, where he argues that President Obama’s budgets threaten to dilute America’s military might. The decision to hold the announcement here signals that this line of attack is likely to intensify in coming weeks.

I could go on, but in my callow youth, I built a small plastic replica of the USS Wisconsin from a store-bought kit.

And of course both Ryan and I are Green Bay Packer fans...!!!

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